Event Management Portal

Event Management Portal

Client is an online ticket sales company that provides a service which enables small to medium sized venues to sell tickets for their events online. The product is targeted towards academic, business and travel related events. Client facilitates cultural and professional advancement through innovative, cost-effective solutions for online ticketing. Client acts as both a service to venues as well as a marketplace for online ticket buyers.




  • - User Registration
  • - Event Manager / Vendor Login
  • - Admin Based Event Management
  • - Event Classification
  • - Search based on Events / Locations / Dates / Zip Code etc
  • - Online Booking of Tickets
  • - Online Payment Processing
  • - Online Seat Map and Choice
  • - Maintain Booked and Open Tickets.
  • - Maintain Locked Tickets during Booking Sessions
  • - View summarized reports to view Booking positions.
  • - Ajax driven UI





  • - Manage Ticket Bookings for Multiple Events at Multiple Locations Online
  • - Very Less Administrative Overheads
  • - Customers have the flexibility of anytime and anywhere booking
  • - Online Payment Processing
  • - Reduced Labor and hence reduced cost
  • - Capitalize on the lost booking opportunities
  • - Increase in sales and revenues due to global reach